10 mistakes brides make
when shopping for a gown

When you need straight-forward advice about bridal fashion, talk to experienced boutique owners in your area. Sam Pollari, president of Amanda-Lina's, and his wife, Rachelle, know the fashion industry inside and out! Here, they list 10 mistakes made by brides:

1. Choosing the wrong store

Your store should be an authorized retailer for the designer in which you are interested. If not, you have no recourse for damage or late delivery.

2. Buying a gown online

If the online retailer isn’t authorized to sell that particular designer, you likely won’t receive an authentic gown and the designer won’t stand behind it if anything is wrong. Check the individual designers’ websites to find out which stores are authorized in your area.

3. Tempted by online discounts

If the online vendor is falsely using a designer's brand name, you may receive a poor counterfeit. Most designers warn consumers that they don’t support such online retailers.
If you do order online, check the return policy. If it says the dress is sold strictly as is and can't be returned if damaged, then you're definitely on the wrong site!

4. Shopping with too many people

A bride should bring only two people when dress shopping. A mom and sister or best friend usually have the bride's best interest at heart and park their own personal style at the door.

5. Trying on too many dresses

Most brides try on four to seven gowns. Any more and it leads to confusion.The most common mistake is not purchasing the gown when her heart is telling her that this is the one. Know when to stop shopping!

6. Not keeping your options open

Bring in pictures of gowns you like. However, if your consultant recommends something different, give it a try. It’s impossible to tell what a dress will look like on your body just from seeing it on a hanger. Brides often comment that “I never would have tried it on if it weren’t for the consultant's suggestion.”

7. Requesting the wrong size

Wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes. Brides tend to get hung up on the number. What’s important is how your measurements compare to that designer’s size chart. Don't count on losing weight. Order a size that fits your current body. Any dress can be taken in, but few can be let out.

8. Buying a dress you don’t love

Not going with your heart is the biggest mistake a bride can make.

9. Trying dresses you can’t afford

Have a budget before you hit the salon. Don't try on gowns well over your budget. It will destroy your joy in choosing a gown you can afford.

10. Not accounting for extra costs

Alterations, taxes and accessories should be included in your budget.


The Internet is the perfect place to see what's out there and narrow down your choices but we strongly recommend the purchase of your dress be made through an authorized retail store to avoid many of the common pitfalls of bargain shopping for your big day.

Here are some of the problems you could be faced with:

  • An incorrect style or size
  • Wrong or different dye lots
  • Defective garments
  • Garments that have been worn
  • Expensive "unforeseen" shipping or alteration costs

Be Cautious: By purchasing a gown through our retail store, you are guaranteeing that what you purchased is what you will receive. We work directly with all of our designers and factories, allowing us to get updates on your dress during all stages of ordering to receiving.

Our consultants and seamstresses are professional, knowledgeable and highly trained to sell our garments. They can provide you with the best in knowledge about the necessary size, fit and alternations necessary for your gown to fit you best without spending a fortune.

To verify whether a particular web site or business is an authorized designer's retailer, you can visit Store Finder from the designer's website or Contact them and provide the name of the retailer, city and state.

You get what you pay for.

S2. No worries.



When all eyes are on you, it's comforting to know we've taken the extra time to proportion your dresses, so a size six fits as glamorously as a sixteen. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting fitted or having alterations.


We recommend your measurements be taken by a professional seamstress or your authorized retailer for an accurate fit. Be sure your measurements are taken over undergarments for a more precise measurement. Please do not give bra or jean sizes. If you have a large cup size or broad back, the size of the garment must be adjusted accordingly.

Your authorized retailer can help you determine the size that is right for you. The style of the gown will often determine size as different silhouettes fit various body types. If your measurements fall between two sizes, the largest measurements should be considered a first choice as it is always easier to take in during alterations.


We offer different hem lengths on select styles such as knee, cocktail and floor length. We also offer extra length on select styles. Please check with your authorized retailer for individual style hem lengths and possible additional charges.

It is your sole responsibility as a customer to choose your own size according to your measurements. Size charts from the chosen designer will be provided to assist you in choosing the right size. Our sales associates are there to assist and recommend the appropriate size but the final decision will be made by you. Please observe closely when the measurements are taken to ensure accuracy and also note that any measurements that are not taken in the store will not be our responsibility.

Feel free to double-check our measurements by re-measuring yourself while you are in the store. Please note *dresses are not custom-made to the customer’s measurements but rather to the size chart and therefore alterations are always necessary.



Extra length Y / N (Over 5’8” Tall will require extra length)

I understand that I’m choosing my own dress size by comparing my measurements to the designers’ size chart. (Initial here ______)

*All Sales are final – No refund or exchanges

I agree with all the terms stated above and authorize S2 to order my dress.


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